Great design begins with a powerful story

We provide a tailored experience for each project that is rooted in a strong narrative and aligns with the vision of our clients and partners. Our process begins with a discovery phase into our client’s brand and aspirations. We investigate each projects unique context and heritage and transform this into a compelling story. This yields an outcome which is unique to each project with a distinct personality and identity. Our collaborative studio brings a variety of experience and perspectives that generates an innovative, purposeful, and transformative design with a timeless appeal behind every creation.

Our Process

Stonehill Taylor is equally well-known for both our interiors and our architectural work. We believe that each of these disciplines, like the human left and right brains, contribute to a more complete whole. Our portfolio includes many well-known projects where we created both the architecture and the interior design. While this approach, rather unique in the hospitality design industry, provides clients with single source responsibility. Additionally, Stonehill Taylor welcomes joining a team of other prominent professionals, providing one service or the other.


Sustainable design informs all our projects regardless of the development’s sustainability goals. Local materials, craftsman and artists always are featured as part of our design narrative. A large percentage of our staff is LEED certified and we have worked on numerous LEED certified projects including gold.