Hotel Management

That was a problem Michael Suomi, Stonehill Taylor’s principal of design, faced as a frequent traveler. “I’ve lost so many clothes by just leaving them in closets,” he said. When Suomi was designing the new Aloft Philadelphia Downtown, he designed half-doors on the wardrobe that let guests easily see inside. “e average length of stay may be the one-and-a-half days,” he said. “[Guests] value efficiency and ease of using the room and speed in terms of unpacking and repacking. And the majority of the guests are the kind who would either benefit from living out of a suitcase and not unpacking it all— and so we provide areas to open the suitcase up and live out of it—as well as a guest who likes to hang things up.” The half-doors, he said, provide guests “with an unfettered way of being able to unpack, but you have to have complete access to what the wardrobe might be for the day or two days that they’re there.”