New York, NY

Architecture, Interior Design

With a focus on sleek design, the firm unveiled Kino at BDNY 2015. Kino is an eye-catching pop-up booth designed as a bar and lounge area which exudes inspiration from the glamour of classic black and white films, mixing it with elements inspired by the lacy woodwork of Siberian architecture.

The pop-up nature of Kino creates a somewhat cold and stiff connotation. Furthermore, the temporary set up only allowed certain materials and designs to be implemented. Above that the designers had to work with an obviously overloud trade atmosphere.

The designers worked to minimize the built area, allowing the structure to be constructed at both BDNY and BDWest, by using a lattice-like outer shell, created through use of panels stretched with lace and sheer fabrics. This application made the space private and absorbed ambient sounds, yet still allowed views of ongoing programming inside to encourage show-goers to participate. Warm natural hues, mid-century style seating, and kinetic chandeliers create an inviting look & serene stop-over in the midst of a busy tradeshow.


  • Restaurant & Bar Design Awards, Kino, Best International & U.K. Pop Up Winner