Azul on the Rooftop

New York, NY

Interior Design

Stonehill & Taylor worked as interior designers for AZUL on the Rooftop, a bar inspired by Cuban cantinas, at Hotel Hugo in Hudson Square, Manhattan. AZUL offers a comfortable setting with 360-degree views of Manhattan and the Hudson River—all the way out to Statue of Liberty. The rooftop is surrounded by lush plant life and a wraparound glass railing that allows views to be enjoyed from anywhere in the bar. Guests can take in the view while lounging at intimate seating areas around the space.

The relaxed design is meant to evoke a street-side hotspot in Little Havana, with vintage ads, posters for live acts from 1950s, street art, and spray painted graphics. The natural tones are accented by a bright petroleum blue wall and colorful hoop lounge chairs. Nearby, a communal wood table made of reclaimed wood, with yellow and orange salvaged chairs around it, concrete low tables and hanging festoon lights add to the bar’s street-side feel.