Diamond Horseshoe

New York, NY


Located in basement of the historic Paramount Hotel, the Diamond Horseshoe was a legendary Jazz Age club and dining venue that gradually fell into disrepair and was left abandoned for decades. As part of the core design team for reviving the famed 1940s club, Stonehill Taylor, working in collaboration with Meg Sharpe Interiors and set designer Douglas Little, reinvented the venue to accommodate an immersive, interactive dining experience, while reviving the space’s decadent, old-world mystique. The design features curved lines to build a sense of motion and reference the original oval center, as well as a highly ornamental and decorative ceiling overlaid with raised seating pods, a DJ booth, and curved accents that break the classical mold. Although most original elements could not be preserved, the design team honors original architect Thomas Lamb with the center ceiling ellipse, classical side arches, and frieze. To strengthen the landmark building’s street presence, two ornate marquees were recovered as entrances to the hotel and Diamond Horseshoe.


  • Restaurant & Bar Design Awards, Diamond Horseshoe, International Bar Finalist



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