Hyatt Centric Downtown Nashville

Nashville, TN

Interior Design

Drawing from the warmth and charm of Southern hospitality — which Nashvillians are well-known for — Stonehill Taylor aimed to make all who visit the Hyatt Centric Downtown Nashville feel right at home. And the 252-key hotel complete with extensive amenities, including a restaurant and bar, music lounge, pool, fitness center, meeting area, and lounge spaces, does just that.
Stonehill Taylor homed in on local residential design and combined Hyatt Centric brand’s youthful spirit with references to Nashville’s vibrant history and culture, pairing a unique collection of rugs, plush fabrics, art, and accessories with local finds. Even the furniture stylings speak to hand-crafted furniture, utilizing wood, metal details, and patterned textiles. Each space within the hotel is at once playful and sophisticated, uniquely curated to evoke the Southern home of a well-traveled Nashvillian collector. Diverse and striking artwork by local talent, curated by Nashville Artist Collective, peppers spaces throughout the twenty-story new build.

In continuation of the residential theme, the hotel’s restaurant, named Ella’s, relays a modern, biophilic interpretation of a conservatory. Two walls of floor-to-ceiling windows flood the space with natural light and the white, pine green, and wood palette layered with floral elements convey a modern interpretation of nature.


  • Client: CB Ragland
  • Architect: Hastings
  • 252 keys
  • 137 seat restaurant & bar