Hyatt Centric Downtown Nashville

Nashville, TN

Stonehill Taylor provided Interior Design services for the Hyatt Centric Downtown Nashville, a 252 key hotel, including 11 suites offering sweeping views of the Cumberland River. The property also features a 3-meal restaurant, bar, music lounge, pool, fitness center, meeting area, and two lounge spaces located on the ninth floor.

Drawing from the warmth and charm of Southern hospitality — which Nashvillians are well-known for — the designers have collaborated with C.B. Ragland to make all who visit the hotel feel right at home. Stonehill Taylor combined Hyatt Centric brand’s youthful spirit with inspired local residential design and culture, selecting plush fabrics, local art, and accessories. Ella’s, the hotel’s F&B space, relays a modern, biophilic interpretation of a conservatory and two walls of floor-to-ceiling windows flood the space with natural light.

Each space within the hotel is at once playful and sophisticated, uniquely curated to evoke the Southern home of a adventurous Nashvillian collector.