Margaritaville Resort Times Square

New York, NY


Located at 560 Seventh Avenue, New York City’s new Margaritaville Resort Times Square—complete with an outdoor pool—cuts a striking silhouette in the city’s skyline. The 32-story, 234-room hotel designed by leading architecture and interior design firm Stonehill Taylor boasts several food and beverage concepts, including a rooftop bar and retail space on the ground and below-grade floors that extend underground for 30 feet.

The building’s façade is covered in a glass curtain wall with a setback on the southern elevation to allow for the pool terrace. The entrance, which is marked by a marquee, leads to a retail space on the first floor, and elevators that take you to the hotel lobby on the fifth floor, where guests can find Joe Merchant Coffee & Provisions, the License to Chill Bar, and a set of stairs that leads downstairs to the pool on the fourth floor, as well as the indoor/outdoor LandShark Bar & Grill. The second and third floors are occupied by the Margaritaville Restaurant, which is accessible by an escalator on the ground floor. The guestrooms sit above these main public spaces and the 5 o’Clock Somewhere Bar spans the top two floors has terraces that offer striking views of Times Square. A synagogue will also be housed within the building to replace the worship space that was formerly on-site within the previous building belonging to the Parsons School of Design.