Chicago, IL

Interior Design

Mesler is a restaurant, bar, and lounge that seamlessly connects to the surrounding Hyde Park neighborhood with a design that reflects on former prominent Hyde Park residents and their respective disciplines. The design of the bar area is inspired by the scientific discoveries of last centuries, manifesting in metals, geometric motifs and light pieces in the space. The wood-covered, mirror-backed bar features metal work evocative of the sun. Single Edison bulbs hang from the ceiling with a marbleized pattern. The banquette area with tufted leather seats is loosely separated by a hanging art piece made of illuminous glass beads.  The bar’s distinct entrance from the street makes it a draw for not only guests but locals as well.

20th century literary figures influences the décor of the restaurant. Imagined as the dining room of an author, the restaurant has bookshelves carved into columns that partition different seating areas. Walls feature many frames of different sizes, displaying works of local students and artsits, as well as art pieces literary themes and significant book covers. Scallop tufted seating in aqua blue velvet surrounding the dining room, a curvy long chandelier in brass, tan leather chairs around wood tables in the middle and an area rug with multi-color square pattern in the middle are standout features in the dining room. Borrowing from the pattern of the metal lattice at the back of the bar, tall wood doors with an etched geometric solar pattern separate the private dining area from the main dining room.

From the restaurant, guests can pass to the Sanctuary, an outdoor lounge that offers an urban escape complete with a fire pit and water feature.