Motto by Hilton NYC Chelsea

New York, NY

Architecture, Interior Design, New Build, Motto

As one of the first of Hilton’s new Motto brand properties to open, this 42-story, 374 key microroom hotel sets the standard for those to come. The property features a 3-meal restaurant, multiple bars, a relaxing lounge/function area, a large outdoor terrace, and fitness center.

The “24” design concept is highlighted by way of three unique concept pillars. The first, the 24 hours in a day, takes inspiration from the passage of time, the sun, the moon, and the contrast of light to dark. The second “24ism” references metals, in particular 24-karat gold and chromium, the 24th element on the periodic table. For the third concept, the designers looked to 24-bit color, a means to produce color digitally in its truest form, which resulted in concentrated moments of vibrant jewel tones carefully curated throughout the hotel.

The Architectural stand out Is the entire frontage devoted to a glass-covered plaza accented by an array of brilliant white steel columns and beams spanning the plaza’s entire 75-foot width. The plaza’s black stone paving and east wall contrast with its white beams and columns, creating a yin/yang relationship. A 32-foot marquee cantilevered over the sidewalk announces the hotel’s presence and leads to the striking “Motto green” entry doors.


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  • 374 keys
  • 42 story
  • New Build