New York, NY

Architecture, Interior Design

Ooh-La-La! began with a fascination with the City of Lights. The design captures the sensual, elegant, and liberating vibe of Paris, specifically taking cues from cutting-edge fashion and famous landmarks, such as the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower. Using these sites as inspiration for the space architecture was the perfect start for creating an ambiance that alternates between simple and edgy. The focal point of the design is the angular bar, which provided the biggest challenge in creating a central area that was both functional and fluid. The design team drew heavily on the examples of innovation in Parisian architecture. The space plan, in fact, is an abstraction of the Louvre, where elegant architecture meets intrusive modernism. And just as the Eiffel Tower pierces through the traditional cityscape of Paris, a daring red accent divides the booth into three zones: two living rooms and a lavish triangular bar that shamelessly barges through the graceful interior.


  • Gold Key Awards, Ooh-La-La!, Best Specialty Design Finalist


  • Restaurant & Bar Design Awards, Ooh-La-La!, Pop-Up Finalist