Sensory Overload

New York, NY

Architecture, Interior Design

Put down your phones and step into Sensory Overload, a real-world interpretation of your favorite social media apps, where you can experience and discover the world through more than just your screen. Taking inspiration from the idea of connectivity and interaction, Sensory Overload catapults us into the future of design that is modern, playful, and sexy, that inspires and intrigues but never overwhelms.

The open plan is divided into three areas: the softer furniture and palette of “Soothe” provides a quiet oasis for conversation; the central bar in “Awaken” features interactive TV screens and artwork that encourage guests to play within the space; and “Stimulate,” the final bar lounge area showcases eye candy in the textured materials and vibrant colors that beg for exploration. The space is completed with the exposed and transparent features of the guestroom. Sensory Overload invites you to move beyond the façade and peel away the layers to bring your mind back to life.