Sheraton New York

New York, NY

Architecture, Interior Design

Stonehill Taylor provided architectural and interior design services for the renovation of Sheraton’s New York flagship hotel. The centerpiece of the project was the complete renovation of the largest collection of ballrooms in New York. Designed to evoke a regal, modern sensibility inspired by the English equestrian lifestyle, the new ballrooms, meeting rooms, and public spaces feature mahogany paneling, custom woven carpeting, rich wallcoverings and polished nickel and leather accents. The redesign of the suites, including the Presidential Suite, follow this same signature Sheraton equestrian look.

The fitness center was developed as a prototype for the Sheraton Fitness Facilities chain-wide. Striking graphic appearance, durability, and functionality of design were important design criteria. The signature blue accent of the Sheraton styling concept was taken to the extreme.