The Axiom

San Francisco, CA

Interior Design

Stonehill Taylor transformed and rebranded the historic Powell Hotel in San Francisco as a new independent boutique hotel, renamed The Axiom. Complete with 152 rooms and new public spaces, the design took inspiration from the hotel’s location next to Hallidie Square, whose namesake Andrew Smith Hallidie first invented the steel cables that later moved his other invention –the iconic San Francisco cable car system. To create a memorable arrival experience, the designers created a tunnel split with lines of light that cast dramatic shapes and shadows as guests walk through to enter the hotel. Several historical features from the original 1908 building were preserved in the lobby including the original steel columns, molding, and iron railing along the mezzanine.


  • Interior Design

    Friday October 20, 2017

    Photo Essay: 47 of the Year’s Most Jaw-Dropping Moments Stonehill & Taylor Architects and First Amendment. A painted mural in San Francisco's Axiom Hotel. Photography by Calvin Jung.

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    Thursday August 17, 2017

    First Look: Inside Powell Street's Stylish Axiom Hotel; Among SF's new crop of stylish stays, which includes the Viceroy's recently opened Hotel Zeppelin, is the Axiom Hotel, whose 1908 building at ...

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    Thursday August 17, 2017

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