The Irus

London, England

Architecture, Interior Design

The IRUS, a pop-up hotel concept, took home the grand prize as part of a design competition at this year’s SLEEP event.  The brief, “LOYALTY-Lessons in Love,” investigated how design can foster brand loyalty. Our response was to explore how being Loyal to “US,”  as in the global community, is the ultimate lesson in Love.  We developed a solid brand, that as a guest, is always focused on YOU. ”

Set in an abstracted forest, The Irus reflects and draws from a multi-cultural wealth of inspiration that is meant to honor the environment, embrace globalization, respect cultural differences and create a unique experience regardless of user or location.

And, to underscore the approach of building an engaged world community,  The Irus  “Vision” has been designed  in New York, was hand crafted in Istanbul and debuted in London.